Edgewood Cataract Surgery

If you’re due to head in for cataract surgery in the near future this guide on what to expect both pre- and post-cataract surgery should help!

Any health issue is scary, even one as common as cataracts… So common, in fact, that half of us will have cataracts by age 75. 

If you’re like most people, part of your stress comes from a fear of the unknown. So, we’re here to solve that problem and give you a better idea of what to expect pre-and post-cataract surgery.

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Infection rates are a major source of dialogue for every hospital and surgical center because high rates of infection impact both the patients and the reputation of the facility itself. More importantly, hospital-acquired infections are incredibly dangerous, leading to longer hospital stays, increased health care charges, increased recovery times and (potentially) even life-threatening side effects for patients. Read more

An anesthetic is a drug used to create a safe loss of consciousness. These drugs are frequently used during surgeries and numerous other minimally invasive procedures to keep patients calm and comfortable. While anesthetics can be given in numerous forms, including topical applications and oral formulas, the option most commonly used for major surgeries is known as general anesthesia. Read more

Quality of life is defined as your general sense of wellbeing. Not only does it refer to how you feel mentally and emotionally about your day-to-day life, but also it refers to your overall physical health. While every person will have a different idea about what constitutes his or her perfect quality of life, one thing is certain. Read more

Hip Replacement

The joints of the body are unique hinges that provide smooth movements and absorb shock throughout the years. But, over time, these joints may wear out no matter how well individuals try to protect them. While medications and lifestyle changes can decrease joint pain and improve a patient’s quality of life in many circumstances, orthopedic surgery may eventually be needed to replace the broken-down joint with an artificial one.  Read more


Edgewood Surgical Hospital is now accepting UPMC Health Plan Insurances for inpatient and outpatient procedures

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Are you reluctant to schedule important surgery because you don’t trust your local hospital? Do you need help in finding a board-certified surgeon who specializes in treating your condition?

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Having surgery can be a scary idea, and most of us try to avoid it as much as possible. But, whether you’re getting gallbladder surgery, donating an organ to a loved one or having a tumor removed, sometimes surgery is necessary.

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insurance claim

For those in need of surgery, peace of mind often comes from knowing that they have health insurance to help cover costs. However, no two insurance plans are the same, and unfortunately, out-of-pocket costs can vary greatly, depending on the health plan provider.

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Surgery is one of those medical words that can be bittersweet. No patient is thrilled about the idea of having and recovering from surgery. But, at the same time, it’s often a relief knowing that a nagging problem will be treated once and for all.

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